the tylose/water formed glue put in container

Tools Needed:

  1. Small Pan
  2. Measuring Cup
  3. Measuring Spoons
  4. Small Container
  5. Whisk or Fork

Ingredients: (magical only two needed)

  1. Tylose Powder – I TBSP

2. Water – 1 cup

Instructions on how to make your own edible glue:

  1. Put water in small pan
  2. Boil the water
  3. Once the water is boiling remove from heat and mix the tylose powder in the water
  4. You can use a whisk or fork to mix and break up the clumps (there will still be some clumps that is okay)
  5. Once done mixing you can pour in a food storage container and put in the refrigerator over night is best
  6. If you let it set over night, or at least 4 hours, it will be more clear and ready to use as glue.

Tips with the Edible Glue:

  • Use a paintbrush to brush on the glue to what you need attached
  • Example: You can use this to attach fondant to fondant
  • Don’t use the edible glue to attach heavy decorative pieces to your gingerbread creations
  • Use sparely – you don’t need to paint a ton of the glue to attach – it will work just as well with a light coat
  • Dries fairly quickly

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