Gingerbread pastiallage colorful pattern

Tools Needed:

  1. Sifter

2. candy thermometer

3. Stand Mixer

4. Food Scale

5. Bowls


4 Grams of Gelatin Sheets – I prefer and use only Perfecta Gel – Super Premium – Platinum

45 Grams Cold Water (3 TBSP)

125 Grams of Gingerbread Flour (8-9 TBSP) I like to use Murray Old Fashioned Ginger Snaps and grid up in food processor- super fine. Helpful tip on  How To Make Ginger Flour (see my blog post)

90 Grams of Confectioners Sugar (6 TBSP)

37 Grams of Cornstarch (2.5 TBSP) 


1. Bloom the Gelatin in the cold water for 10 minutes. *I usually cut the weighed sheets(40 grams) into smaller sheets and put in the water and push down with a spoon to all be covered in the water in order to bloom.

2. At the end of 10 minutes then gently heat the mixture in the microwave (10-20 seconds) and cool to 86 degrees. (using candy thermometer

3. While gelatin is blooming – sift your dry ingredients together TWICE. (Sifter)

4. Add gelatin mixture to the dry ingredients and mix until combined in stand mixer. You may need to add in some additional cornstarch to firm up – you can small amount of water in not mixing. This part is a trial and error as you learn your scale, etc. Sometimes I have ended up with it too wet and adding the extra cornstarch helps. Once combined get out of the stand mixer to knead.

5. Knead until it feels like rolled fondant.

6. Keep air tight and let rest for several hours or you can use right away. When you are ready to work with it, the pastillage will be tight. The heat of your hands will gradually warm it to a workable consistency. Do not store to long or will dry easily.

Extra Tips

  1. You can mix with some fondant to make it go further, this does not make a ton at a time- if i do this then less than equal part for mixing. I have never doubled the recipe so not sure how it would handle.
  2. You can mix The Sugar Art Master Elite colors to this recipe for tinting.
  3. For extra hardness when drying you can add in tylose powder but quickly use.

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