Gingerbread Flour

In the world of gingerbread you “score” more points with judges if you use gingerbread or gingerbread ingredients in all shapes and forms, literally.  Some recipes call to add ginger flour like in  Gingerbread Pastillage Recipe.

So what is ginger flour?

Ginger flour is super fine dust/crumbs, of super baked, gingerbread. You can bake your own gingerbread until no moisture is left, I like to bake my gingerbread at a low temperature like 180-200 degrees for at least an hour or more. Basically I feel like you can’t bake it enough- which has led to me not paying attention to when I am trying to bake “normal” bread for my family. (to many burnt bread nights)

Do you have to bake your own gingerbread to make ginger flour?

No you do not have to bake your own gingerbread to make ginger flour. A great alternative to baking your own gingerbread is to use bought Wilton Gingerbread Kits. The gingerbread in those kits is super hard! It is smart to buy when there are end of the season sales and save for next year. I usually forget to do that so using Murray brand of GingerSnaps works too!

Lindsay Deibler is holding a bag of Murray's Ginger Snaps

Lets get to Making Ginger Flour

When grinding your gingerbread/gingersnaps into dust – you need to make sure you have a strong enough mixer or blender. I prefer to use the Pampered Chef Deluxe Cooking Blender, because I know it is strong enough to make your own nut butters, then it can handle grinding super baked, hard gingerbread. Another bonus of this mixer is that it has a heated wash setting that makes clean-up super easy. 

Pampered Chef mixer with Murray's Ginger Snaps to make Gingerflour
Pouring Murray's Ginger Snaps into the Pampered Chef mixer
Ginger Flour in the Pampered CHef mixer

A plus to using Murray brand of GingerSnaps is that it gives my gingerbread pastiallage a consistent color that makes for easy tinting later. (for tinting I suggest The Sugar Art master elites. I learned the hard way and threw in some extra super baked gingerbread in with the GingerSnaps not thinking about the end result. I ended up with having much darker than I wanted ginger flour that was harder to tint.

Other uses for Ginger Flour

Some other uses for Ginger flour, other than an ingredient in gingerbread pastiallge, is to mix with fondant. When you do that it gives a velvety texture. I also like to add it to rice cereal treats to help my piece have a great gingerbread smell.

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