Using Silicone Molds – Gingerbread House

Using silicone molds is a great way to achieve the different textures you want for your gingerbread house and or gingerbread creations. Some molds are oven safe and others are not so read the labels. For the rattan seen in this gingerbread house I created titled “Cute As a Button”, I put unbaked gingerbread in the mold and removed then baked. I lightly dusted the mold first with flour, so you can easily remove the gingerbread. If your gingerbread is warm you will have a harder time removing from the mold. You can use chilled gingerbread or once putting the gingerbread in the mold put in refrigerator or freezer for a short period of time before removing. (this will also aid in the gingerbread holding the shape of your mold) To make the rattan/woven gingerbread I used a silcone mold similair to this one. (mold.)

Wood Grain Texture for your GIngerbread House

I had a great time making the herringbone pattern for the wood floor. I used an impression mat and/or mold, for the wood texture. For the wood planks I used gingerbread pastiallage recipe so that i did not need to bake each piece, a huge time saver. GIngerbread Pastiallage air dries and does strink a tad when does so plan accordingly. I then cut each piece and laid in the herringbone pattern like tiles. (shown above) I glued down with tylose glue to the board.

Buttons and Yarn

I used a Button mold, again using tinted gingerbread pastiallage, for quick accents on my piece. Using an extruder to create the yarn, I cut to sizes needed in the buttons. Spool of yarn easily was made with the extruder.

Save your work

I originally had made the wicker gingerbread handbag for another competition completely.  Since I did not end up using it I had saved it and not throw away. It was my inspiration for the whole “Cute As A Button” concept!! The palm tree was hidden under the fireplace on the backside of this piece. Save your work because you never know when will come in handy or inspire you for another piece.

Round gingerbread rattan looking purse with a palmtree on it that looks embroidered.