Lindsay Deibler

Ginger Gingerbread Lady

Lindsay Deibler, “Ginger Gingerbread Lady”, creates whimsical, imaginative, and unique gingerbread creations that go far beyond the classic gingerbread house. Located in Winston-Salem, NC , with her family, she competes in multiple competitions throughout the holiday season, awarding her multiple accolades. Along with traveling to deliver commission gingerbread pieces.

“This is a space that I hope you can learn a few things that maybe you didn’t know about creating with gingerbread. I started my love of gingerbread by making two gingerbread houses for a local charity. Entered one competition, and the spark to learn more, create more, and help others share the love was created. Always have fun!” – Lindsay



Gingerbread Commissions available – Contact directly by email: li[email protected] – Now accepting for 2023.